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05 August 2008 @ 09:36 pm
Quick Updates  
I only have ten more minutes of my shift left at work, so I can't do a full Lolla recap quite yet, so instead you are going to have to settle for just the main points I want to get off my chest right away...

1. Radiohead are a lovely band to study, chill, or dance like an idiot to...but aren't all that amazing live.
2. The Raconteurs are, as usual, very amazing live.
3. Tom Clarke is short, but much better proportioned than I would have assumed.
4. I am very good at spotting celebrities...this includes Lindsay Lohan, Danny Masterton, Ashley Simpson, Pete Wentz, and Slash.
5. Don't become friends with flaky people.
6. I DO in fact enjoy Bloc Party live.
7. I hate potheads.
8. Alcohol is expensive.
9. Mark Ronson puts on a surprisingly entertaining live show.
10. I am amazing at running into friends among crowds of 100,000+ people without prior contact.

More to come later...but, I should also mention that I finished "Breaking Dawn" and it was utter shit. The worst plot ever. I ended up hating Edward, which was something I never foresaw happening. It felt like a really crappy episode of The X Files. Bad, just really, really bad.